25.00 each or 2 for 40.00

Hello Ladies, Yvonne here..

   I started this journey back in the summer of 2007. It all started on a day I was riding Sky (my horse) and my bra broke. I was wearing one of the front closer types. Back then they were made with a soft cup that really did not have a strong hold on the breast which allowed for bounce, but I liked these bras because the straps would not fall off the shoulders.  I wanted the racer back like a sports bra, but I did not want to pull it on like a shirt. I wanted a bra that held you in place with strength and beauty, and quality material. This design is a front closer for easy on and off. It has underwire the back is a adjustable racer back with two sets of adjustments, and is where the patent shines. So that summer was the start of an idea and design that now has a Utility Patent. "The Adjustable Sports Bra" 

Do you have problems with your shoulders carrying the weight of you breast ?
Do you wish you could go about your day without thinking about your bra, Poking, rising, squishing, curling, ect....?
Ladies I am manufacturing a bra that will keep you coming back with a product that has your back.
This bra's design allows for shoulder freedom.
It hooks in front for you ladies with shoulder issues.
Easy on and off.
It has 2 sets of adjustment on the band part of the racer back. (Please Note to keep them synchronize) This allows for our weight fluctuation, as well as material stretching out in time, so to get the most use out of your product. Keep in Mind to get one that fits on the loosest adjustment.
Straps adjust also.

I want to provide you with a product that puts a smile on your face and keeps it there.


Yvonne M. Johnston