25.00 each or 2 for 40.00

Feb, 23, 2015

Here we are Dawn is home safe after meeting me in the 4 corners to get the web page up and running. I am still here because of the snow storm in the Rockies. She has started a face book page and we are excited about the response. I have sold the first bras this weekend. Thanks to girlfriends who wanted to be the first customers and support The Bra. I have received notice that the ship is at the docks. This is good because my shipment of the Ride On bra is on it and there is a strike going on and they have been waiting to come to port. So now to sell bras. It is the next step in this journey. By selling this order it will open the door to financing which I desperately need to order The Bra in more sizes, and do I dare say survive. Thank you for your orders, Because like I say... " The Bra that Needs Your Support "

March 16, 2015

Hello Ladies, I finally got all the bras in. They were stuck on the ship at port do to a strike on the docks. I charged myself a new 16' trailer to haul the bras and my boy (HD). I pulled out Sunday Morning thinking it would be a good day for a drive less traffic and all. Little to my surprise It was crazy traffic. I mean 5 am on Sunday and the cars were every where. Wow what happened to the nation that liked to rest at least one day a week.  I am heading to Florida where I plan to start selling at events and work my way north as the season brightens up. I am excited about seeing my sons and mother. They are the kick in the ass I need, because to tell the truth I am excited and scared. Hoping that as I start selling THE BRA the nerves will rest. I put the bra in capitol because it has been my biggest challenge.

So I am heading east on I-70 and its a beautiful day. I seen a rest stop coming up in 3 miles and figure it is a good time to check the load and stretch. It was a nice clean stop out in ranching country, with wide open land that was loosing sight of the mountains.  I started talking to a lady trucker who I happen to park next to and told her about my bra. Of course I started the conversation about trucking. I only miss the big rigs, not so much the duty of trucking. So I gave her a couple cards hoping she would keep up with this journey so I could sell her one in the future not figuring I even had her size. So I said my goodbyes and started to check the load out. As I walked around I noticed a few oil drops on the tongue of the trailer. I knew that wasn't a good sign. I looked and the rear end was leaking. I pulled back onto the interstate. My mind was already thinking how long will it go before it seizes. I hadn't went 11 miles and I see a exit. It had one station on the right and a dirt road that went of into the country side. I pulled in got out the creeper and started to check out Tonka. Well we had oil on the spare, exhaust, and on the underside of the bed. The pinion seal was blown. There was a gentleman who pointed across the interstate to a Napa, He said they wont open till tomorrow. I then asked about a motel. He pointed to the place next to it. I could barely see it because it had trees all around it and it was tiny. So I headed on over. It was only 10:30 am I am still in Colorado only 50 plus miles from the Kansas line. I pulled up to a place that had a comfortable country feel. As I rang the little bell on the desk I was greeted by 2 little white dogs on the other side of the door leading to the living quarters. The little bell was that of old west feel, brass and engraved design on it. An older lady came into view and noticed me. I am sorry she said I did not hear you. She looks to be in her late 70's. She has a beautiful smile and blue eyes. She had a western charm to her, as she signed me in she apologized for her hair she had not combed yet. The room only cost 48.00 and she gave me the key to room 19. I open the door to the cutest room. A window to the west and a window to the east. A metal screen door with a sliding window in it. There is a little desk under the west window and a wooden chair to the side wall. The TV was up in the corner on a triangle shelf. I am so happy the place could not have been better for my personality. I had 2 big pine trees that embraced the front. With one that had a face on it. The kind you put on, eyes, nose and mouth. I got my chair out of the trailer, I got this old chair at a yard sell for 2 dollars. I love it. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying the stay. As I enjoyed the day I got to visit with the lady. Her name is Donna and she was born and raised here. She recently had a stroke in November on 2014, She has 3 sons and had a daughter that she said did not make it due to a horse riding accident. I did not pry as that just brings up painful memories. I talked to her son for a spell. He was there helping her. She was born in the early 1930's and he told me she lived in a dug out adobe dirt house when she was a young girl. I wish I would have visited more. Monday morning came and the shop had my truck out in a hour and a half. So on the road again. As I went across Kansas I was surprised about how much pulling Tonka had to do. That is not flat country as I had envisioned. Here I was in the Heart of the Nation. Ranching and Farming country. Wide open spaces and small I mean little towns that consist of the people who care for all that land. I got a kick out of the semi tractor trailer that was hoisted up on poles as a sign. Damn thing must have been as high as a 3 story building. I have seen cars and the tractor part in the sky before, but not a whole rig. I was passed by a corvette pulling a trailer with his Harley in tow. Yep, I was having a great day. I took a break at a rest stop and stretched. I even laid down to enjoy the shade. It was a warm day and it felt so good.  Night time came along and I was on the other side of Kansas City and pulled over for fuel. It was the BP Petro truck stop. I was feeling good. It was around 9:15 pm. I figured I could go a couple more hours, but as I pulled away from the pump my truck cut out and died. So I started to think of what could be wrong. I ran down the street to a parts store to get a fuel filter hoping to get they before they closed. I was hoping it would be a quick fix. I put some fuel into a gallon jug I had my drinking water in and started to fill the bowl of the filter cartridge. That is when I smelt gas. My heart sunk, My whole body felt the blow of what had happened. I had filled my boy up with gas. Now mind you I have driven truck since I was 26 and you get use to the green handle being diesel. Little did I know that BP is the only fuel provider in our country that has all there gas in green handles and there diesel in black.  So time to find a way to fix this mess. So I went over to the shop and they put me on the list and said it would be around 1:30 am before they could get to me. I received a call around 1:10 saying it would be closer to 3:30 am before they could get to me. I was noticing the temperature dropping and curled up in the front seat of Tonka and tried to get some shut eye, but the night was cold and one of the mechanics stopped to check on me. The mechanic showed up only to find out they could not pump the gas out after several attempts. I did enjoy the heat of his service truck as he tried. So now I start to look for mobile service. It is morning now and I get through to someone who sounded all to chipper to be there in 30 minutes and would get me fixed up. Thirty minutes goes by and I receive a call. The voice sounded different and he said he would be there in about 30 minutes. I then asked if he was the same man I spoke to earlier. When he said No I am the one who does the work I could not help but notice the tone difference in the two men and laugh. I must say I could not have been given a better person for the job. His name was Rich and young man  26 years of age. He started out by telling me they were 99.00 and hour and if we could tow the truck to his shop it might save in the long run. He knew we would have to drop this tank and get it empty. I gave him the go ahead for what ever he thought would help me price wise. He left and said he would be back in a few.  When he came back he brought his tranny jack and said,  "well we are just going to take care of it here".  He explained the tow option was to expensive. So I told him I would help in any way and all he had to do was give me orders. So the day was that of getting the tank out and taking it to his shop for disposal and then the process of bleeding the system of air. I am telling you I had the best man for the job. He could tell I was tired and getting nervous because Tonka was not responding well in my opinion. He reassured me we were getting close and that my truck was the toughest and the best of its kind. By 2:30  Tonka started up. What a day. To top it off he only charged me 350 dollars. Believe me ladies, diesel mechanics are not cheep. He had been working on this for six hours. So that night I got a room and needed a shower. I was tired smelling of gas and diesel. I pulled off my clothes and another surprise. I had chigger bites all over my body from when I took that break at the rest stop and laid on the ground. Wow I don't know the reasons I have been slowed down, but here it is Thursday morning and I am in Alabama. Yesterday was my first full day of driving. I put in 12 hours and had a nice stop in Tennessee for a southern meal with a beer. Got to love the south.   

April 8, Wed.

This has been a crazy month. I am getting ready for the Leesburg bike fest. I have been having truck problems and trying to get the trailer ready for the rally's and shows. I hope to do well there. This is my customer base and will tell me and teach me a thing or two. I hope to have all banners done and canopy on before Tuesday. My family has been so supportive. Mom and my 2 sons Steven and Harley. With Easter and birthdays and all the excitement I am needing to get myself into a faster pace in this faster place. LOL

April 29, 2015.

What a month it has been. Went to Leesburg bike Fest this past weekend. I must say it was disappointing to be put in the back corner of an event I was paying to be a part of and never felt like I was a part of anything. Was not around any of biker festivities and did not get to see any motorcycles. I only sold 10 bras. On a good note, which is what I live for. I had my son Steven with me and I met some extraordinary ladies. I learned the what to do and what not to do's. Now to plan my next move. My mind, like always is going in to many directions. There are more days than I want to admit to that I feel lost. always wondering what to do next, how to go big and better. How to get the bra out there in bulk.  I must find a way. Have a good day and keep smiling.

October 23 2015,

Ok ladies, I am ready to rock. I was in the 4 corners at my home town rally and sold 50 bras. Might not sound like much but it was fantastic. It is what I needed to keep me going. You see I am struggling with being a sales person. What I need is the exposer so the bra can do the selling for me. I also have been struggling with the social media thing. I will do better and I must. Because why would you try and keep up with this journey if I don't let you know what's Up,,, In the mean time I must, I must, I must increase my cash flow,,,LOL  Keep Smiling !!!

November 17, 2015

So I have not moved as fast as I would like on selling bras. I wonder if it is a fear of rejection as well as lack of knowledge. Either way I have bras to sell. How does one get the word out? Social Media is the first answer and of course Shark Tank. I must make social media something I do, a practice so it becomes habit. I know if it reaches the women I have the sizes for I will be on my way. Maybe I need to look at another approach. Any advise would be appreciated.

Keep Smiling even when you think you have lost your mind.


January 14, 2016

Well Happy New Year, Lets hope I do better with everyday. I am in need of reaching women and need some kind of crazy opening. I am beyond words, but still have hope that I will come up with something. In the meantime I need to step it up and do the paper work. UHG, That has been my set back. So need to keep the spirit strong. I want to wish all a healthy and loved New Year. If you are chasing a dream I hope you catch it. I have mine roped just not quite corralled yet. LOL

Best and Warmest Wishes

Feb. 1, 2016

Hello ladies,  For those of you that know me and have watched the process of this bra endeavor, I want to say to you this. I believe my biggest set back is not the bra or it's design. I believe it comes from a lack of believing in myself on some deep level. I know that most of you have seen me accomplish many things and are wondering why this particular endeavor has stumped my growth. Well you are not the only one's. I myself have had to take some good hard inner looks at what is holding me back. I think underneath it all I was just not 100% sure I could do it. I say was because in order to have 100% you need to own it. So I am here to proclaim that from this day forward. I Yvonne Johnston will have this bra available to women in many sizes and fabrics. So back to making that happen. You ladies have a great day and I will also. KEEP SMILING


July 15 2016

Damn I must get better at keeping a blog, I do so much better with my journal. I notice if I right in the blog or social media I don't do my journal. I feel better with pen and journal in hand. So, to catch you up. I am getting another prototype made and hope to move on from this dilemma. I have got to unload these bras and start over. I need more sizes and a better product. The design is great you women love it. I just need to provide you with your needs. I am moving forward in the process of doing just that. Thanks for your support and confidence in me. You all Rock,,    

 March 12, 2017

Wow, I feel like I have lost my way. I know what I want and I have got to find a way to manifest the goal. I have had some serious depression issues and I have had to make some changes to get the fire burning once again. I want so much to provide what I believe to be one of the best damn bra's designed. I am feeling better and I must become computer friendly. Lets face it I have been my own worst enemy. I have let doubt and fear kick my ass in some of the areas that are strategically important. So with that said here I go again. By God we will Triumph. This Bra Will Shine. It Will Provide support with Happiness, and allow women once and for all a joy to wearing a BRA.