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This page is dedicated to Sky. A horse of color on the inside and out. She was born in early May of 2001, We were all so excited, my two boys Steven, Harley, and of course the one that woke us up, Shucks ( my buckskin gelding ). When we got to her she was still wet and had just been on her feet for moments. This little colorful fuzzy nose filly. She was brown and white with a white tail that had a center of black, and a mane that was black with the center of the neck were the hair swapped sides white. Her white socks came to the knees were there was an outline of black before going on to the brown. She had a big blaze of white on her brown head. Her hooves were stripped. Two of them half white and half black. Two of them black with white thin strips. Her body you would have to look at. All I know is Paint enthusiast fell in love with her. It took me months to come up with a name for her because I wanted it to be single syllable and be of nature, but I also wanted it to represent the area we lived in. It was my girl friend Linda that was sharing Thanksgiving with me that named her. There could not have been a better name for this spirit. Up to that point we were calling her Punky.  As a youngster she had a free and loving curiosity. She did not feel the need to be by her mother even at 2 weeks old. She would run ahead of us to greet other horses in there pastures. This did not set well with her mother Princess. I had a heck of a time just hanging on and keeping her calm. She was interesting to watch grow up. She would get down on her knees and crawl under fences to get to the yard grass. She would come to the kitchen door and knock on it so we would open and she could partake in the festivities.  I waited till she was 3 before having her trained by one of our cowboy neighbors (CR). It was at this time I got to go on my first cattle drive. That was a bonding 2 day event that challenged her and myself.  Everyone and I mean everyone loved her. They saw her beauty but what they loved was the spirit. She loved people, she was sociable. She talked, and yes horses can. She would love to get in the horse trailer, as if she were a dog coming along for the ride. She would have jumped in the back of a pick up if she was allowed. She would run and buck with Joy. All I had to do was whistle and she came running. She loved apples and tried to climb the trees when all were gone from reach. She played with dogs that thought they were going to  chase her. She loved being pampered with her baths and grooming. When my girlfriends and I were sitting around a fire drinking some beers and talking she had to be right there. It seemed she liked to pick Paula as her head rest and just prop her nose over her shoulder. Always wanting to be a part of what ever you were doing. She had a way of showing her jealousy over the Harley. One day I was tinkering in the little bike shed and I heard something and turned around and she was about to take a bite out of the seat. She would stand in front of the bike when I was leaving and make me get off to move her out of the way. She never failed to great me. She knew the sound of Goldie (My Dump Truck) as I approached home she would run to the fence whinnying. I don't care if it was Goldie, or Tonka (My Dodge Pick up) she was there like your dog greeting you. When we were in Cheyenne she would play with the heard of Antelope. All the little kids that would come to the little store in Red Mesa had to visit her at the fence as if she called to them. Through the years she stayed at different places with my friends when I was on my travels. They all had stories about something she did. They all considered her family. I don't know what happened. It was Monday and I got the call that sky was thrashing down in the corner of the pasture. I got to her and kept her up. She fought to go down. We all know these signs in the horse world, colic, twisted gut. I managed to keep her up. I messaged her and brushed her to relax her. We walked. I had the vet out and she was relaxed and standing three legged when he arrived. He checked her out and said she looked great and seemed to be alright. Everything sounded good on the inside as it should. The next couple days she was running to the fence when I called and seemed fine. Only to have a gloomy storm of cold and rain greet me on Friday morning Sept, 11, 2014 with my girl laying in her favorite corner. The angels had come in the night. She was gone. My best friend, partner and sister of the soul. This bra is dedicated to the one who truly created the need for this bra.

My Girl SKY,  RIDE ON !!!!!